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 Symantec NetBackup 7.5 for UNIX and Windows: Advanced Administration Minimize

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6-9 maja - Warszawa, ul. 1 sierpnia 6A

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4 dni


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This Symantec NetBackup 7.5 for UNIX and Windows:Advanced Administration course provides the IT professional with instruction on advanced Symantec NetBackup 7.5 software functionality and administrative tasks. This course covers advanced NetBackup topics, including deduplication, NetBackup performance, disaster recovery, virtual machine backups, application backups, NetBackup Search, and security. This course also covers using NetBackup to manage Oracle, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft SQL database backups.

Cel szkolenia

At the completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Configure and run backups that use media server and client-side deduplication
  • Improve NetBackup performance by addressing bottlenecks, tuning NetBackup buffers, and using NetBackup Accelerator
  • Prepare for common disasters and plan for disaster recovery using optimized duplication, Replication Director, and Auto Image Replication
  • Configure, run, and manage virtual machine backups using VMware
  • Describe requirements for backing up third-party applications and databases
  • Configure NetBackup to back up and restore Oracle, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft SQL databases
  • Discuss strategies for Oracle, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft SQL database recovery
  • Configure and use NetBackup Search to perform queries and searches, and create and release legal and local holds
  • Ensure your NetBackup environment is secure using encryption, authentication, and authorization

Profil słuchaczy

This course is intended for experienced NetBackup system administrators, system engineers, technical support personnel, and system integration staff who are responsible for implementing new and advanced NetBackup features and functions.

Wymagania wstępne

Students must be familiar with the administration and configuration of the platforms that are covered by the course. Students must also have one to three years experience with basic NetBackup administration, configuration, and operation. These prerequisites can be met by attending any version of the Symantec NetBackup Administration course plus additional onthe-job experience.

Program szkolenia

Module 1: Concepts Review
Reviewing the NetBackup environment
Reviewing NetBackup concepts
Reviewing NetBackup administrative interfaces

Module 2: Managing NetBackup Deduplication
Introduction to NetBackup deduplication
Configuring NetBackup media server deduplication
Configuring client-side deduplication
Managing NetBackup media server deduplication

Module 3: Improving NetBackup Performance
NetBackup performance overview
Isolating bottlenecks
Addressing bottlenecks
Tuning NetBackup buffers
Using NetBackup Accelerator

Module 4: Advanced Disaster Recovery Strategies
Disaster recovery strategies
Optimized duplication
Introduction to Replication Director
Disaster recovery for the NetBackup infrastructure

Module 5: Using Auto Image Replication for Disaster Recovery
Introduction to Auto Image Replication
Configuring Auto Image Replication
Monitoring Auto Image Replication
Managing and maintaining Auto Image Replication

Module 6: Managing Virtual Machine Backups
Introduction to virtual machines
Configuring VMware backups
Managing VMware backups and restores
NetBackup support for Hyper-V
NetBackup support for other virtualization solutions

Module 7: Application Backup Concepts
Understanding application needs
Database backup and restore concepts
Customizing generic application backups

Module 8: Managing Oracle Backups
Introduction to the Oracle database
Configuring NetBackup to back up and restore Oracle databases
Monitoring and maintaining Oracle database backups
Oracle database disaster recovery considerations

Module 9: Managing Microsoft Exchange Backups
Introduction to the Microsoft Exchange Server
Configuring NetBackup for Exchange
Exchange and high availability environments
Exchange and VMware backups
Monitoring and maintaining Exchange database backups
Exchange disaster recovery considerations

Module 10: Managing Microsoft SQL Backups
Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server
Configuring NetBackup for SQL Server policies
Using the NetBackup Microsoft SQL Client console
Monitoring SQL Server database backups
SQL Server and VMware backups
SQL Server disaster recovery considerations

Module 11: Compliance and NetBackup Search
Introduction to NetBackup Search
Configuring indexing
Performing searches and hold management
Ingesting into Enterprise Vault
Troubleshooting NetBackup Search

Module 12: Additional NetBackup Topics
Network resiliency
Media-related topics
Auditing NetBackup
Securing NetBackup
Securing NetBackup using encryption



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