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 VMware vCloud Automation Center: Install, Configure, Manage [V5.2] Minimize

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This training course focuses on installing, configuring, and managing VMware vCloud Automation Center. This course covers the configuration and use of vCloud Automation Center as a platform for self-service provisioning of virtual, cloud, and physical machines to create and manage on-demand multivendor cloud infrastructures.

Cel szkolenia

By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:
- Understand the vCloud Automation Center architecture and use case in multivendor cloud environments
- Install and configure vCloud Automation Center 5.2
- Manage vCloud Automation Center 5.2 entities on VMware and third-party hardware and cloud infrastructures
- Configure and manage provisioning groups and blueprints
- Configure and manage enterprise groups and reservations for compute resources on VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, and more
- Use the Self-Service portal to request and manage machines according to vCloud Automation Center approval policies
- Use the Report portal to monitor vCloud Automation Center configuration and managed resources
- Understand and configure vCloud Automation Center workflows
- Manage and monitor machines and resource reclamation

Profil słuchaczy

Experienced system administrators, cloud administrators, system integrators and operational developers.

Wymagania wstępne

VMware vCloud Director 5.1: Install, Configure, Manage and VMware vSphere 5.1: Install, Configure, Manage or equivalent knowledge.

Program szkolenia

Modul 1. Course Introduction
Introductions and course logistics
Course outline
Course goals
Course objectives

Modul 2. VMware vCloud Automation Center Architecture and Components
Explain the architecture for deploying vCloud Automation Center to manage a multivendor cloud
Explain the components involved in a single vendor cloud infrastructure using VMware vCloud Director and VMware vSphere
Define the ports associated with the communication among vCloud Automation Center components
Understand and customize the elements of the vCloud Automation Center administration console

Modul 3. VMware vCloud Automation Center Distributed Execution Managers and Agents
Explain the role of Distributed Execution Managers and agents
Explain the types of agents and agent relationships

Modul 4. VMware vCloud Automation Center Configuration, Provisioning, and Management
Understand the relationships among vCloud Automation Center entities
Identify and configure vCloud Automation Center endpoints
Demonstrate how vCloud Automation Center discovers compute resources from VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, and Amazon
Explain provisioning groups, enterprise groups, blueprints, and reservations for compute resources

Modul 5. VMware vCloud Automation Center Self-Service Portal
Review the installation requirements and process for the Self-Service portal
Use the Self-Service portal to provision machines from virtual, cloud, and physical resources
Review provisioning requests

Modul 6. Managing and Monitoring vCloud Automation Center Resources
Identify, verify, and reclaim inactive and abandoned resources
Monitor vCloud Automation Center resources with the Administration portal
Monitor vCloud Automation Center resources with the Report portal

Modul 7. VMware vCloud Automation Center Models and Workflows
Review Windows Workflow Foundation
Define and demonstrate default vCloud Automation Center workflows
Explain how to use VMware vCenter Orchestrator workflows from vCloud Automation Center

Modul 8. VMware vCloud Automation Center Installation and Upgrade
Review vCloud Automation Center interoperability
Explain vCloud Automation Center installation prerequisites
Identify vCloud Automation Center component installers
Identify the vCloud Automation Center installation procedure


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